Subtitle of this post: No, I am NOT pregnant.

“So, when are you guys going to start having kids?”

Josh and I get this question ALL THE TIME!  I hate that question.  Personally, I think it’s rude, insensitive, and none of your damn business.  But we’re at the age where a lot of friends/coworkers/acquaintances are having kids.  So people ask.

Our usual answer?  Not anytime soon.

We’re not willing to say we won’t ever have kids, but that’s definitely not what’s right for us right now.  Maybe we’ll change our minds in a few years.  Maybe we won’t.  Time will tell.  Good grief, I’m not THAT old yet.

The only good thing about people asking this question?  An opportunity to educate, whether I want to or not.  If the people asking know I have Type 1, they often assume that means I can’t have kids.  So the question turns into a chance to set the record straight.

Diabetes has absolutely NOTHING to do with my lack of desire for a child.  I really just don’t want any kids right now.  That’s it, I promise.

I know way too many fantastic, amazing women with diabetes who have children to be afraid.  So many beautiful children and beautiful mommies.  Healthy kids and healthy pregnancies.  Women with diabetes can most definitely have kids.

Jacquie, Holly, Karen, Renza, Amy, Bethany,  Kerri,  Emma,  Kim,  Cherise,  Jennifer, Sarah, Jenn,  Melissa,  Gina,  Christel,  Jennifer,  Shannon,  Lisa.  And those are just the ladies I could think of off the top of my head!  There are many, many more.

So if we decide we are ready for kids, I’ll know that I can do it.  Thanks to all the amazing women who have.

But for now, I’m good being an observer.