Thursday, August 22, 2013


I made a visit to my endo yesterday.  One week after my 20th diaversary.

On the way, I had the usual pre-endo jitters.  I don't think that will ever go away.  I actually hadn't been to see my endo in about six months, which is a long time for me.  We both had to cancel once, so two reschedules later, I was on the way.

I was a bit extra nervous because I've had a few rough patches in the last month.  My psychologist left the practice months ago, and I had yet to call the recommended replacement.  Four months is definitely too long for me to go without seeing a mental health professional at this point.  The binging was starting to work its way back into my life.

The day before my endo appointment, I finally stopped putting off that phone call.  I have an appointment with my new psychologist set for next week.  Despite the setbacks, I still feel like things are going ok overall.  With the end of summer and start of the new school year, I've been dealing with a lot of change and stress.  And I've still been able to function.  To work and still have energy to do other things in the evenings.  To not be so overwhelmed that I'm reduced to a pile on the sofa every night.

But still.  I was worried about my A1c.  As I always am.  But as soon as my endo walked through the exam room door, I started to feel better.  His reassuring smile and kind heart always make me feel better.  My A1c is about the same as it was six months ago, which is a huge relief.  Dr. H is pleased with my overall trends and settings.  A nice reminder that rough patches don't undo everything.  And a nice way to kick off my 20th year of living with diabetes.  I'll definitely take it.

Also, is 30 too young to have a midlife crisis?  Because I might have cut off my hair.  And I might love it.


  1. I love the hair cut!! Glad you're starting the 20th year off with positive and reassuring news...a great new look...and a great big smile :)

  2. Awesome job on the health stuff!

    You can't be at mid-life yet, but quarter-life crisis is apparently a thing :P

  3. Congrats on the great endo visit and your 20th year. I hope you like having less hair to deal with. It's gotta be easier. I know it is for me, though mine isn't quite by choice.

  4. "Rough patches don't undo everything." That's the ED thing, isn't it? If you're not 100% perfect all the time then it's the end of the world and why not just binge on something else?

    "Rough patches don't undo everything." I love that. LOVE IT. And I need to have it painted on a wall, or stitched onto a sampler, or made permanent someplace where I can see it all the time. Because it's true. They don't. A bump in the road need not be the beginning of a spiral out of control.

    "Rough patches don't undo everything."

  5. Great to hear your appointment went well Jess and you are ROCKING that great new look!

    Like Karen I *love* your "Rough patches..." phrase. I'm gonna just keep saying that over and over, and keep it front of mind when I need it :)