Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glamorous Moments


My Dexcom receiver rattles in the glass coaster on my nightstand (it's home at night to help amplify the alarm sounds). I fumble in the dark and find the button. Yup, high alarm. It's midnight. I check my blood sugar. Dexcom is right, I'm high. Time to take a correction bolus and go back to bed.

4am: Holy crap, I have to pee. Since I'm awake, I check my Dex. Still high. Check bg again, correct again, go back to sleep.

7am:  My alarm goes off.  My first thought: "I'd better not still be high." Drumroll please…

Crap. STILL high. At this point, I probably should change my set. But this set has only been in for two days, and it's been working perfectly. It can't be the set. Another correction bolus, and it's time to get ready for work.

10am: Dex is showing still north of 200. Finger stick confirms this. On the plus side, my blood sugar hasn't gone up since breakfast. But it hasn't gone down either. Maybe it is the set.

12pm: A myriad of corrections has had no real affect. Time to change my set, for sure. In the work bathroom. Praying it doesn't hurt and cause involuntary cursing since there's someone else in another stall. Diabetes makes for some glamorous moments.

3pm: Hallelujah! A down arrow! Dare I check on my meter? I dare. And survey says…198! Under 200! Barely, but I'll take it. Should've just changed that set in the first place.

Some days, I've got this all under control. Other days, I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.


  1. Let me suggest this: you always know what you're doing. But sometimes you're missing essential data (what's going on with that set, the infection you don't yet know about, or the true nutritional content of a particular food) that you'd need to fully benefit from knowing what you're doing.

  2. Oh man, can I relate to this! Especially at night... I HATE changing Elise's pod at night. Total denial that it could be anything pod related in the middle of the night when corrections aren't working! Glad it's not just me!

  3. Lol, gotta love how there are those time when we do feel like we are on top of things and have the "I got this" attitude and then a day like that happens and shows us that we really don't have a clue. I guess in a weird way it's a good thing to have days like this. I know that if I didn't I'd probably start to slack and let things slip that I shouldn't let slip. Diabetes always keeping us on our toes. Stupid diabetes can suck it!

  4. Third blog post in a row I've read about stubborn highs! Must have been something in the air (insulin?) around this time!