Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oversized Lancet

An almost picture perfect set change.  A nice squishy spot.  Needle went right in, and I didn't even feel it.  

I use the spaceship-like Mio sets.  I always put the lid back on to cover the needle before disposal.  Always.  With every set change.  This is not a new thing.

Yet somehow I managed to stab myself in the thumb with said needle while recapping.  Um, OUCH!  Just a slightly larger needle than my lancet.

Adding insult to injury, I didn't even get a free blood sugar check.  I'd just checked it five minutes before and didn't want to waste another strip.

I would not recommend using an infusion set needle as a lancet. 


  1. Doh! Hate it when that happens... though it's with Silhouettes rather than the Mios, for me. I wonder if infusion set fingerpoking has any difference in accuracy than lancet use. Hmmm. :)

  2. bahaha. I wish I could laugh at you, but I'm laughing with you. I've done this way too many times. I also used to regularly stab my finger with the little blue connecter thing for medtronic reservoirs. Also not recommended :)

  3. I always push the needle down and under one of the ridges before recapping it. That way it won't injure me or anyone else if the cap comes off in the trash or something.

  4. Been there. Done that (with various incorrect devices).

    Bummer about not being able to use the drop though! :P