Friday, November 8, 2013

A Photo Challenge I Will Actually Do

This month is Diabetes Awareness Month.  There's a lot going on. The Big Blue Test. The World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange. Blue Fridays. And a photo challenge I will actually complete (hopefully).

Kerri created a Diabetes Month Photo-a-day challenge, and so far I've managed to keep up. See all the prompts here.

Day 1: Past. The past 24 hours.

Day 2: Check. Checking my insulin on board before taking a correction bolus.

Day 3: Snack. No snack for me. Except maybe veggies or cheese.

Day 4: Proud. Keep this stack of A1cs on my fridge. Two years worth. It's not the
numbers, but the progress they show.

Day 5: Advocate. Wearing my You Can Do This Project bracelet every day provides
opportunities to 
advocate. People ask about it.

Day 6: Relationship. My husband is my rock. His support makes every day better.

Day 7: Blue. My favorite Blue Fridays accessory: my blue circle necklace from CCARIA.
Ready for Friday!


  1. I love these Photo-a-day prompts, although it's hard for me NOT to write paragraphs about each one (just don't have the time!) I am saving up some of the thoughts that they provoke for blog posts later. LOVE that necklace!!!

  2. So far so good!

    That is a beautiful picture of that necklace!