I love art. As a teacher, I understand how important it is for kids to have access to art supplies and be able to freely express themselves. It’s something we as adults tend to forget.

Lee Ann is one of my favorite people. And she’s passionate about using art to help people with diabetes and their loved ones. This coming Monday, February 3rd is Diabetes Art Day.

Won’t you please join us? Create something to share. As I tell my students, there is no wrong way to make art. All art is beautiful. Think you can’t create something beautiful? That’s a lie. You can. And someone will love it. Not only does creative expression help you feel better, but sharing your art might help someone else.

And this year, Lee Ann is conducting research on visual expression and people with diabetes. Help her out by completing a survey both before and after #DArtDay.More information here.

Create, share, and see what others have made. We’re all in this together. Might as well have some fun and break out the art supplies!