Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Not Packing My Winter Coat!

I'm headed to California! I'm not packing my winter coat! It's warm, there's no snow, and I get to hang out with other people with diabetes. Woot!

From Thursday night until Saturday evening, I'll be participating in the Medtronic Diabetes Advocates Forum. This will be my second time attending the event. (Full disclosure: Medtronic is paying for my travel, hotel, and food).

If you have any input you'd like me to share, please let me know. I'll be sharing my thoughts about the event after I get back. If you have Twitter, please follow the conversation using #MedtronicDAF.

Now if you'll excuse me, back to packing. With my high tech diabetes travel bag…


  1. 1) I wish the Silserter was easier to aim, I'm never quite sure where it's going to land (and there's not much real estate on my skinny daughter). I actually think the Silserter could do with a complete redesign.
    2) I wish they'd sell the tubing and cannula independently: currently (here at least) you can buy Silhouettes with or without tubing, but Sure-T only with tubing (big waste of money, as you have to change Sure-T every 2 days, but you only need to change tubing every 6).
    3) I wish the unit lines on the reservoir would always line up with the hole in the side of the pump - sometimes they won't, whatever way I insert the reservoir.
    4) I wish all the pump/meter manufacturers would get together and agree on a standard formats for exchanging data, to improve interoperability.

  2. That "high tech" bag has to be from a different trip! 7 sets for 4 days? LOL!

  3. Wow, Jess! I only packed half the amount you did! I figure if I need some extra infusion sets, I'll be in the right place for it. (Though I *did* bring a spare pump). See you there, and have a safe trip!

  4. Man, I'm so jealous! So many of my favorite DOC people are going to be out there in CA. Ya'll have fun, and maybe drop my name so I can come to the next one with you?? ;-)