A few weeks ago (yes, I’m WAY behind on blogging) I found myself face to face with one of the things I hate most: the stomach flu.

Give me a head cold or sore throat any day. I  HATE the stomach flu with a passion. Having Type 1 Diabetes makes it even more complicated. Puking + lack of carbs + dehydration = a hot mess.

A stomach bug has landed me in the ER before. So now when I get it, I have one goal: avoiding the ER. And by avoiding, I mean trying to stay hydrated and keep ketones at bay. I’m willing to go if necessary, but I’d rather not.

Thankfully, this stomach bug wasn’t bad. I was able to keep down ice chips and some carbs, and my ketones never passed small. VICTORY!

Thank goodness for heavy fruit syrup. Someone at my pediatric endo’s office recommended it to my mom when I was a kid. And it’s still my fallback for carbs with a stomach bug. I keep a couple cans of fruit in heavy syrup on hand. A couple tablespoon fulls of just the syrup is enough carbs to keep ketones in check. Without trying to keep down actual food.

I’m so thankful this case of stomach flu was so mild, comparatively speaking. And it provided some unintentional basal testing. And my basals are right on target. I’ll take that win.