The compound may protect immune cells ability to fight HIV transmissions by allowing them to destroy infected cells according to a new study led by AIDS researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth).

The findings published in Nature Communications indicate that compound may help treat HIV transmission by reducing evoking responses in T cells that are dependent on viral suppressor cells (where the virus is buried by a protective coat of immune cells). Prototypes of HIV proteins expressed in the HIV reservoir can drive the degradation of the HIV binding receptor on immune cells.

This compound appears to help T cells destroy infected cells by reducing the activation of the HIV binding protein 1-antibody binding domain (1-ABCd) an HIV reservoir cell surface receptor that is necessary for infection initiation and the infections survival said Gregory L. Beatty Ph. D. senior author of the study and director of the Acceleration for Immunology Research Unit at UTHealth.

But thats not the whole story said Beatty also a professor of Pharmacology and Integrative Biology at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth. The compound may enhance the ability of T cells to react to viral proteins by promoting the activation or suppression of antiviral responses. Transcriptomic analyses have suggested that this compound may be capable of altering the stability of viral 2-protein complexes.

Beatty said this compound has already been tested in laboratory models and could be a valuable combat agent against HIV transmission a greater threat than ever. He said universal vaccination with the compound could significantly slow the progression of HIV infection in people living in low- and middle-income countries.

The compounds have been tested in vitro and in vivo and oligonucleotide assays which are critically important because only vaccinated immune-compromised patients can be cured of HIV infection he said.

As an HIV reservoir cell biologist we mourn the loss of life but also we gleefully envision the outside hunter-gatherer tribes andor tribal cells that live in the wild andor trouble-solving communities that otherwise would not have survived HIV pathogenesis he said.