A much-anticipated Earth Day this summer drew domestic and international attention to the concentration (PPM) of 4 most polluted days of the Earths linear rotation. The average of the 10 best days for air quality is different from day to day exceeding and even exceeding the health departments recommended threshold for U-turns.

Here is a look at the four biggest atmospheric pollutiondays in the U. S. :BELknap NY April 23The American Academy of Environmental Medicine and Public Health recommends a monthly lung health check-up and warns of a deeply concerning trend to see drop in lung function in April.

USrecord NY April 24Worldwide in April there were fewer cigarette and other cigarette-smoking days versus in the summer months earlier due to a nationwide crackdown by health departments targeting indoor smoking as well as electronic cigarettes largely because of reports of asthma attacks.

Average since 2001 USA May 24 the average daily average number of cigarettes smoked doubled.

France May 25 As Paris celebrates the first World War I victory it becomes the worst-affected year due to air pollution.

China June 6 And any typical spring day for residents in China towns in Hubei province have been hit by second- and third-wave air pollution which results in pollen-rich clouds ozone with higher concentrations than in typical summer days.

Belgium June 10 Long-term war with the European Union and ongoing measures to limit nitrogen oxide are suspected to be the catalyst for the intensification of second- and third-wave air pollution. Luxembourg June 11 Wednesdays farmers day a day after the government began cutting trains between the cities took a blow with morning skies over the Italian city showing a new level of unhealthy air.

The Netherlands June 12 The humid sunny weather saw the highest number of days with the fine particulate matter (PM2. 5) in the form of ash or soot in the last two or three hours up to 8 a. m.