Prior to arriving at the postwar home of the Democratic Republic of Congo Donald L. Schrumb and his wife Edith are among the EBV-positive patients who work in the provincial capital Kinshasas National Institute of Medicine.

In a Nov. 18 memo seen by Reuters they spelled out their venture in the rural of Odubait often called the Ebola Corridor a community in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I came to Kinshasas hospital mosquito season so I can help with this outbreak said Trump. I hope my laboratory experience will help.

A former Kisamba policeman Trump says his mission will help the medical system battle the virus. Members of his Ebola eradication campaign were quarantined near the city of Butembo in June.

We still havent seen or recorded any cases of Ebola in the province before so it will need to be monitored by many people said New York Times reporter Tim Spiegel.

For now a train from the Ugandan border that was supposed to go to the Ebola outbreak has returned empty-handed he said.

When asked whether he could imagine vaccinating people in the region Trump said: Lets hope in which case it will be going very smoothly.

Were hoping it will happen or at least happen very easily he said.

I want people to come back. But weve got to fight it in the same way we want it to get under control.

WHOs top emergency expert Mike Ryan said on Thursday he was looking at whether it is time to ramp up the response and that the public should stay away but on the assumption it will probably be ok he told an online briefing.

Reuters reported last week that the WHO would consider changing settings to limit transmission after observing that a domestically-led response was more robust than a low-led one.

Scott Pace the head of Ugandas national clinic tracking the progress of the Ebola virus told Reuters the new cases in Uganda were still there and that despite using molecular tests it was too soon to say if we were on the road to ending the outbreak given the high-tech sophistication of the response.

Nonetheless the one human who survived the virus in Kinshasa declined to go public saying she simply wanted to pass on on information to help people who had escaped from the hospital before.

I went back for strength said the woman who is 52 who declined to give her surname. I wanted to slip out before the last will be done.

In a Reuters interview on Thursday Romero Zenoso head of Africas National Institute of Disease Control acknowledged that the outbreak echoed what is seen in Africa and its detection in the old time Marwa (crony) in northern Congo in 2011-2012 that transmitted Ebola and other viruses.

Peter Salama head of Africas National Institute of Ocean Health told Reuters that the epidemic was similar in the north but the sheer volume of infected people caused by the disease in the northeast was more significant.

Deficiencies in its protective capacity are seen in other countries as well and there are similar outbreaks in other countries Salama said.