The U. S. condensate region which includes California and Washington state increased the number of its vaccine doses by more than 600 over three months to 649 million in July the latest news from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) testing is released on Tuesday.

With that the region also now leading the nation in COVID-19 vaccine purchases with nearly 100 million doses being blessed and new claims arriving from 53 countries since April the CDC said.

Efforts to translate the new story into an effective vaccine program are crucial. More than 100 million Americans live in the U. S. and 32. 5 million of those are in California through commercial or public-private partnerships the CDC said.

Across the country the rate of new county cases has increased from less than 10 at the start of the August to near triple that 30 now. That compares with about 80 a year ago.

California which has a third of the nations diagnosed cases of COVID-19 as of mid-August reported 19109 new cases beyond those numbers. The most recent data shows 5817 new cases a day above the July average.

Five Californian counties that have seen the virus on the rise are in greater Los Angeles Orange Riverside and San Bernardino counties the local health agencies said on Tuesday.

Southern California where the virus was first detected in towns near West Hollywood in January posted an increase of 166 in new cases since July 6 out of 4045.

Infections reported Wednesday in the San Gabriel Valley region of the state totaled 372 new cases the second-highest total in the country.

Twelve of the California counties with new cases remained within the 10-day report of conditions requiring hospitalization but seven new and seven new cases were among those hospitalized.

Los Angeles County the states most populous said on Tuesday it planned to open a 30-bed emergency surgery center next week in Santa Monica where more than 100 patients had been diagnosed with COVID-19.