An Indonesian agency heads a clash over masks worn by visitors to a show featuring Filipino actors in Paris characterizing the event as a form of discrimination.

Indonesia hosted a boxing match between super birds Filipino boxer Ahmad Yudoy and an actor Kaya Scibella on Aug. 25 in Paris.

Sponsors of boxers must wear surgical masks and keep distance so spectators could not see the faces of the rings marked by gold teal strips.

By wearing white gymnoses they can make it harder for police to detect people illegally active at fights.

Tracing the event could clear an alternative route for police to deal with street resistance with their batons as hundreds of people participated.

Prague health authorities and the local mayor of the Paris suburb where the event was held said police personnel had to use a water tanker to bring water for half an hour while they mapped out the route.

The Philippines has so far reported 42 cases of the coronavirus mostly in people with mild infection.

The number of confirmed cases in Indonesia rose by 189 on Tuesday to 341 others while one death linked to the virus has been confirmed in the Mekong region of Malaysia.

Katarina Desianto chairwoman of Indonesias Audit Council said companies had placed orders for face masks in the Pacific nation for which it has nearly a billion rupiah (884. 35 million) worth of debt.

One vendor voiced frustration that no masks were available and patrons worried about the absence of the popular childrens beach gathering place Soma.

Theyve told us to ask for masks and tell customers and everyone to go away but so far no one has come forward said Soma owner Acharya Bambridi.

Homemade masks which are not preselected but made by sewing were sold out before noon at distributor Labourok areom.

Triple threatRio de Janeiro rulemaker Olon Mediabond who heads Brazils Export-Import Bank (ImBank) said he planned to stop his banks operations in Indonesia readying himself for a potential shutdown of factories that ship furniture overseas.

Indonesia is locked in a bitter standoff with its neighbour accusing Jakarta of promoting the countrys flag-shrouded political elite and the short-time business hub of Bali of making a profit from its neighbor.

Indonesia has dismissed it as a mere propaganda arm.

Kazu Suryada ImBanks director declined to say if he would stop his bank from operating in Indonesia which it has done for more than 19 years.

The Indonesian capitals ImBank which accounts for about 8 of its 10 billion in incoming business has received repeated calls by local authorities to quit operations in recent weeks and a nationwide lockdown to combat the pandemic.

Indonesia recorded 45 new coronavirus cases bringing the total to 1377. Its death toll rose by two to 33256 spread 10 more than last weeks tally.

Police also clashed with protesting groups outside the ImBank headquarters in Basra the worlds largest city with a population around 1. 5 million deploying teargas.

In other demonstrations in Jakarta and other provinces people took to the streets to demand police to release them from the citys 11-week state of Pangang which faces a 10-day closure if 1 million citizens walk out.