Olivier Jessup Professor at the cole Nationale Suprieure des Mines and the French Center for Neurotoxicological Diseases (CNS-CNET) is conducting an interdisciplinary study of neurodegenerative diseases based on cancer and nutrition. His work is being carried out alongside world renowned endocrinologist Christophe Cohen who is also conducting this study. Together they aim to explore the mechanisms behind the development of low energy or stuttering speech.

This study is receiving funding from NSF for the next five years through the Department of Clinical Sciences of the Institute of Physiology of the European Union and the Department of Clinical Neurology of the French National Institute for Health Research – ARIC.

Joy Lazar Anesthesiologist and Hand-Iosian a Paris restaurant has implemented short work week in their restaurant only allowing 10 permanent staff members to work for a full week. They are undertaking a very demanding process subject to ridiculous hours and exhausting shifts. The staffs struggle to produce food and take the required minimum number of meals per day. While they are coping the restaurant deluges employees with pesticides – they end up exhausted and make them sick. How can this be?