Novartis AG said on Thursday it would likely expand coverage for its COVID-19 vaccine with possible partners in the United States and Canada.

The Swiss unit of German drugmaker Novavax said it had secured licenses in the United States and Canada for its vaccines development kits and would seek to expand those licenses at test sites.

The U. S. and Canadian licenses are linked to a U. S. Food and Drug Administration-approved COVID-19 vaccine development regimen that not only kills approximately 90 of people infected with the virus but also protects them from severe disease.

Novartis said its initial licenses in the United States and Canada covered 100 of codenatal immunization doses. A company spokeswoman said that would be increased to 100 if trials prove the vaccine effective beyond that point.

Under development in other countries Novartis and partner vaccine makers Moderna MRNA. O and AstraZeneca Plcs ALSC. L are working on projects involving dozens of vaccines over several years.

U. S. health authorities this week said they wanted to vaccinate about 430000 dependent babies against their first dose of deadly Ebola and Marburg virus.

Novartis joins a global push to make vaccines available to more countries drawing on deals it struck with the WHO and the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation.

A low-income drugmaker looking to bring that portfolio into the United States has raised 1. 4 billion so far from offices in Europe 4. 3 billion from Italy and 6. 4 billion from a French government fund.