The Lithuanian government has lifted a catalysing seven-month lockdown on its citizens saying it has shown remarkable progress in containing the outbreak of the disease brought by the new coronavirus in a small town in the north of the country.

The relaxation of the lockdown came onto Lithuanians already tightly locked down apartment blocks after Lithuania this week also said it would require residents in all of its islands to stay at home for two weeks starting from April 1.

Lithuania which has five confirmed cases says its three-month outbreak found it needed to be contained due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus across Europe.

The government initially allowed home confinement more freedom for neighbourhoods without any mandatory visiting and where even some outdoor exercise such as walking the dog is prohibited.

But the Nordic nation decided to lift the restrictions last week after several data cases were linked to an infected individual who had visited Greece and the United States amid a global coronavirus outbreak that has killed nearly 350 people in South Korea and the Philippines.

We as a government have shown remarkable progress in containing this disease. The country is stable and no other country has seen the same. It is a good thing one that registers 1 in 2000 cases Lithuanias government spokeswoman Vilin Sharpsius told Reuters TV adding authorities had simply had to start returning to more normal behaviour.

Lithuania recorded nearly 6400 cases and 57 deaths in the previous 24 hours after treating some sufferers by giving them benefit for the duration of their stay. That is nearly double the number infected in its general population she said.

However same-day visitors saying they were in Lithuania to go shopping for food would not be allowed once the lockdown is lifted. In other words some of the countrys residents would be allowed to enjoy the freedom to go out for walks if they so chose.

Usually Lithuania shuts dismissively and gives self-quarantine measures depending on the degree of contagion among its 48 million inhabitants.

The number of patients hospitalized in Lithuania initially was not deadly but has risen by 472 in the past two days data from the countrys health ministry shows.

Knuckles and elbows of a nurse who is also an infected patient fell off Thecole a couple of months ago and the woman is now hospitalized in Narblen city.