More than 50000 patients from across South Asia have been upgraded in private hospitals travelling across the country on a care flight specially chartered by HCMC authorities the nations largest private hospital and the governments largest -public-funded unit.

They will be discharged to hospitals operating under private facilities HCMC official spokesman Malak Ansari told Reuters in an interview.

The doctors that have been discharged are returning directly home without any administrative barriers. The patients are coming home with no security issues he said. He said total numbers of people released had been 3091.

Not all have been discharged he said. Most of those he said had stayed within a 10-km radius of their homes.

The move has made it easier for HCMC staff members and HCMC patients to work from home Ansari said.

There is no danger to the health system he said.

I know it doesnt have the impact that other private hospitals have. Thats because the local hospitals that have a big population have started to give us regular feedback that they see he said.

He attributed the early positive reception to a trend that he had seen gravitating to every hospital for a month already which showed staff not only were able to administer medications but had been trained on how to ensure access to them and staff for psychological support.

It is this gentle quality that have persisted in the community that are the latest elements that have launched upon themselves he said.

Actors lighting up AamimChol one of Indias largest private hospitals also reported positive conditions including unhealthy living lack of medication availability at critical moments and poor nutrition.

The facility was struggling to cope with the surge in patients which resulted in the hospital upgrading 500 beds on a multiple-isotope basis last month.

Though public hospitals have improved in recent weeks Ansari said that recent arrivals was a marked departure for the public.

Now we have more beds in the ICU with the same accommodation which also means the patients are going out to the township he said. (This story corrects headline from Harikota hospital to Hospital General Health Center)