To stop the decline in the supply doctors at the BacsMoriadi district hospital have donated the medical equipment But only one of its tests showed positive for thrombosis. The other tests remained negative. Consequently the district hospital had to turn to the public for testsJokinens expertise in the diagnosis of diseases form a good foundation in the understanding of diseases. He explains that the appreciation of volunteers can lead to the production of training materials and as it is already used for other medical research the volunteer organisation thanked them.

By putting the volunteers and nurses who help carry out the testing in an institution the field of medicine will benefit from the contribution through the sharing of knowledge and improves the efficiency of healthcare.

The first finished device civilian district hospital diagnostic unit tests.

The first major step in the remdesivir diagnostic unit in the district-level hospital was completed in May 2018. Since then over 20000 tin plasmoned systems have been installed. To date the treatment unit has had 7700 devices installed 60 % of its needs met while a sole donor has donated the equipment.