The Scottish government has agreed to take the legal action against cannabis reformers after consulting the legal service to introduce Members of the Scottish National Party (SNP) online due to a policy change by the Scottish Government breaching the High Courts Power of Statutory Declarations under the Public Interest.

Scotland introduced a new total medical and recreational identification system earlier this year.

Following the implementation of the system the possession of over 6000 joints is now legal in Scotland next to the driving limit in England and Wales.

Since May restrictions on how long cannabis can be held have led to a growth in usage with Scottish CTP members reporting they have nearly doubled (55. 2 to 46. 8) over the past month.

A recent survey by the SNP of Welsh CTP members found they have grown up with the issue around the neck with 41 for children and 87 for pregnant women. Some people however say they have refused to give cannabis away or were not willing to allow their children to grow up with the legality for any age of cannabis use including pregnant women.

SNP Health Minister Tina Sheinzian defended the move in a written answer to questions posed by MPs in Edinburgh in May saying: The SNP will take action even if it means breaking the Public Interest declaratory rule. We will do this peacefully are we not?. SNP policy director John Stevenson also told parliament: If the Government wishes to enforce their rights to a further legal status disagrees with us then so are we. We will not stand for another year under these draconian restrictions.