Young workers in Europe are being put off by a coronavirus epidemic that worsens the already overburdened healthcare system in their choice to leave the industry a survey suggests.

Whilst most workers aged 18-29 had been playing soccer at work since last year in light of the current crisis the survey suggested that about 45 were set to leave.

They want to look after themselves and their families during this recession but parents will not be able to afford to take them out of the workplace – the health crisis facing Europes youth has prompted more than 13000 to leave the game.

Many workers in Europe have not been working since the beginning of the year. They are sad and want to focus on caring for family and themselves. Time is running out for them to return to work immediately Bello Aurelio sociologist and regional manager of the survey at Vemuri University of Lame-Gle a city in southern Italy told Reuters.

I would imagine that around 15 of households will have no income this year he said.

As people look for a way out of their jobs some workers want to look after themselves while others may not want to leave the survey showed. Some 32 of respondents said that they would look for a better job and this was a stronger response to what was happening in their environment.

The European Union which began introducing a so-called social distancing principle last week faces an acute uptick in coronavirus infections and is fighting a potential second wave of infections from hospitals across the bloc and possibly in Italy.

Slovakia which has been hardest-hit by the pandemic in Europe is picking up more and more cases and is in a critical stage of being forced to force its students to self-isolate at home in line with European Union rules.

In Italy where the number of new infections is rising very quickly the national government last week unveiled plans to start the reopening of the economy which is counting on the return of most workers to work.