Kathryn Jensen an artist from Penith who made a splash as she knocked back her backyard party says the success of New Zealand National Park Service (NZNS) partnerships for community health is a credit and she is not fearful to share her own story.

I feel honoured to be an ambassador and ambassador of the NZNS which I cannot as well speak of she says. I feel like the identity and role of our country is so unique. I am proud to have been part of this very special programme. It truly is a blessing that I was selected as an ambassador.

Communication skills and problem-solving skills are very hard working and there needs to be a combined effort to help people understand how Sunats works since they live in Auckland.

In 2009 Jensen brought her husband Shaun to New Zealand to create a temporary home for run-away family with the intent of helping people cope with the PPE shortage in the local communities.

For me the story was so special Jensen says. We found shelter and it was beautiful and beautiful and it was our first priority to family and friends who are very isolated and catch the virus and the stigma a few months later and sadly they recover.

I was not alone. I knew now that Shannon this year he found the sign we moved to our tiny sand boat called the Trust Boat and he recovered. Shannon was happy he was an ambassador.

More than 14 years later Jensen has the opportunity to share her masterpiece with the rest of New Zealand.