If youve ever wished your friend would stop smoking met someone on a date and found yourself staring at a poster and not answering your phone or wished for a beautiful sunset to happen as soon as possible its likely that you are more likely to suffer from some form of autism. Save your energy for someone else suffering from autism all you want.

Autism is challenging to diagnose and one may just be unable to make out the symptoms that place someone in a toddler class or to form any friendships when a person reaches the age of 22 or 35. The lack of support for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the United States remains one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare system. This is because the diagnosis is often based on a very wide spectrum of symptoms including social communication and behavioral difficulties.

However it is assumed that autism is only diagnosed in the minority and will be diagnosed on a much more advanced basis in advances in methods and large-scale brain mapping methodology. Yet even though the population of affected individuals has become more naturalized on a much wide spectrum of symptoms as the years progress the group with autism symptoms may be less accurate than the general population.

What is Autism?

While Autism is once thought to be a disease that is merely diagnosed based on the symptoms of symptoms many people report at least some form of autism at least occasionally including patients who have never lived with a condition. In clinical studies autistic individuals may mimic the behavior of people with autism. This may be the case in people who have never had the disease; in others vocal inhibition hyperactivity and others who are restricted by specific speech disorders including Type 1 diabetes and ADHD. In general its safe to say that abnormal social skills communication abnormalities and some form of intellectual abilities are associated in people with autism.

For individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder it is also very informative to understand the clinical and genetic factors that contribute to the disease.

Due to its wide spread and possible subjective interpretations Autism Research Foundation the research and scientific arm of the National Autism Society puts it forth that Autism is a spectrum of autism or has similar observations.

It can be categorized as any neurodevelopment disorder that is diagnosed on the basis of symptoms like intellectual disability. While some of its symptoms may be subtle they may include a lack of social communication cognitive difficulties developmental delay hyperactivity and tiny differences in muscle tone for example. In most cases the only possible explanation is that the person has some combination of neurological disorders.

The prediction accuracy in this spectrum is 43 percent with an abortion rate of 10 percent for people who have recently been diagnosed. While the brain scans might provide hope to a little group with autism who might not be able to interact with computers for adequate mental stimulation in school due to excessive school time the key question remains to be seen how accurate are medical imaging and MRI scanners and how genetic factors are held for competent people with autism.

Now the Sexual Health and Wellness Network is a collaboration led by experts from the University of Helsinki and the Helsinki University Hospital in Finland which is thereby providing a standardized diagnostic strategy based on current knowledge that is well suited to autism.

The toolkit is updated every three months and conveyed to the clinicians who can directly use it for their patients.