Early symptoms of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) can accurately predict which severely-ill patients are likely to die and which will sustain symptoms findings by an influenza and allergy leader in Northwell Healths clinical practice.

Across Northwells 1. 8 million members the Cleveland Clinic professor-in-residence and an influential expert on family medicine and primary care medicine Dr. Arohn will be presenting the findings today at the annual meeting of the International Academy of Allergy Asthma Immunology sponsored by the Society for Allergy and Immunology and the Northwell Spirituality Health Council.

Arohn who is also Ohio chapter president of the Society for Allergy Immunology focuses his practice on identifying patients big picture NHI requirements to remain symptom free and healthy to help lead Northwell Healths leaders in local community health care.

The problem with conventional analysis of NHI has been its reliance on self-reported symptom data. There is no objective way to measure how well patients are doing with antibiotics what side effects they are experiencing or how they are doing as a result of treatment according to Arohn. And as clinical leadership in the field his team uses a new primary care approach that considers patients lifestyles environment and medical history to determine which patients should be referred for hospitalization. In Patient Resource unpublished clinical data released earlier this month his team found that non-Hispanic white patients who met the above NHI criteria were more likely to suffer serious complications (especially those who had experienced respiratory failure) and to have lower short-term time to HbA1c than non-Hispanic white patients.

He explains Northwells efforts to use this new perspective: Our goal is to serve physicians and bottom lines as best as we can. Our strategy is part of a multidisciplinary approach to disease development. If it wasnt for our consultants wed be out of business by now. So we needed an outside perspective.

Northwell Health Research Director Dr. Grace Lin who organized this work notes: Northwell is using its 5E strategy for design and development so its not about being a huge megacorporate with tons of employees she says.

Rather Northwells five-year 60 million acquisition of HealthFirst has intersected Northwells technology and clinical operations establishing Northwell a unique and fast-growing digital approach to family and disease management and health care innovation. Northwell is mandated to complete an energy efficiency benchmarking report by the end of 2020 claims statement and a performance milestones assessment.

Northwell is also tasked with extending its technology base to include the iPad application permitting physicians to have individual patients order health images; allowing them to share the images to doctors; creating new eHealth content specifically intended to reference health conditions; and managing clinical enquiries related to the iPad.

Northwells 5Q targets the companys fiscal first-quarter earnings which exceeded expectations as the fiscal year began. The company last quarter earned 4. 8 billion in revenue with guidance driven by its successful cyclical advertiser-supported 5G Networks purchase and investment.

Quarterly revenue growth at Northwell remains in double-digits territory driven by its tablet business. Quarterly revenue jumped to 2. 4 expected to top 5. 5 billion in 2019.

We do still see a compounding problem for the industry product executive leader and chief executive officer David A. Pitts says. Carriers broadband providers and cabled operators have started to abandon or reduce their mobile networks.

Additional Northwell research has indicated that a trend of more positive shifts in the industry toward mobile tablet and online device-based viewing habits is a result of the mobile health market reaching additional segments and more users than ever before due to the adoption of tablets. Northwell recently launched a tablet-based library of 20000 interactive educational content titles so that users can learn about food allergy asthma red lung infection and retina care.