The Krosse Bureau National Geographic and Essence magazine paid attention to Kettering Universitys financial troubles this year and wanted to recognize the early work that was made by Trina Alexander PhD Chief Financial Officer for the St. Baldricks Foundation in fundraising the Kettering Health Foundation. But first they had to look at their own finances.

They determined that the Kettering Health Foundation which provides health wellness and nutrition counseling programs for adults and children in a variety of settings spent 576147 last year up from the 571314 it spent the year before. Alexanders department gained significant new revenue streams consistent with healthy budgets in 2016 as we continue to expand our clinical trials footprint in the state of Kettering.

Last year Alexanders department spent 1183283 in fundraising efforts which was a 100 percent increase over 2015s level and most recent figures from the FY 2019 budget with the largest increase of 896149. This number put us in a position to more easily support the needs of our members like open bars and charitable events across our network said Alexander who enjoys leading social activities at Shade Run a nonprofit run by Kettering resident Kevin Everett.

The Kettering Health Foundation recently announced it would focus its 2017-18 fundraising activities on advancing research and development accelerating medical innovation and sustaining efforts to allow people to live healthier and more purposeful lives. Fundraising this year will focus on providing a strong foundation for the organizations future.

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate Dr. Trina on her leadership and leadership of the Kettering Health Foundation and for her ongoing commitment to community outreach and to direct efforts in giving back to the community Krzywicki Koszynski managing director of the Kettering Health Foundation said in unveiling the Trina Alexander Excellence in Excellence Award.

Alexander is the new CEO of Kettering-based Illumox Laboratories a biopharmaceutical company based in Kettering Ohio. The company was founded in 2000 by three former Kettering staff. In 2014 Illumox acquired Nexvi Health a Dayton-based firm with annual sales of 386791.

Alexanders financial troubles are based on how the treasury and administrators have outpaced the budget for her department. The group is required to spend an average of 9. 9M on research and development programs this year versus 8. 8M in 2015 and 6. 4M in 2014. Alexander remains the Kuhn award recipient for top associate administrator.

Patreon a corporate supporter of Ketterings and nationally recognized for its health-related content and quality announced it would match those gifts donating 2M to Alexanders department. As a part of PETAs generosity Alexander will share her lab results which will be acknowledged in conjunction with an upcoming contest in which all contributions are matched.

As a financial supporter of the Kettering Health Foundation I feel compelled to provide them with an invaluable gift which is not only an ongoing thanksgiving gift this month but one that Ill continue to give to the founder for helping to fund other dignified uses for the foundation PETA chairman David Olson said in a statement.