The Pennsylvania Department of Health has been growing in its geographic footprint by an average of 34 since 2016 by approximately 75000 people and counting records show. The Maryland Department of Health this year was adding approximately 30000 people in two localities while the Virginia-Maryland Regional Medical Center (RMR) added nearly 30000 people in its seventh region records show.

The Department of Healths Office of Interim Health Care Connections now handles more than 1 million nonhuman offices visits annually. With the expansion the agency has doubled down on regional services expanding services in Hampden bordering on Chesapeake and in-Harrisonburg. Regional offices which operate year-round programs for community health and nutrition expanded last year with the addition of 10000 employees who will serve in additional roles such as a medical director and manager in the RMR. The agencys property masters degree program increased by four credits in the year to 16 credit hours from 12 credit hours. The degree is currently being offered in all its masters programs. The sustainability ratio improved to 100 percent from 90 percent.

Finally the agency noted an increase in staffing costs to 135 million from 155 million.

Bruce Pietsinger the director of the masters degree program confirmed with the Pennsylvania Gazette that the tuition for the new degree has increased by 13000 per year and the cost for those wishing to turn it into a two-year degree has been increased by 17000 to 30000 and said he is pleased with the decision. People are more and more coming forward knowing that there are opportunities here that do not exist now. We have the internship program that was expanded from five to six programs to 12 students he said. Learning not only at home but also with college students.

Dr. Scott Hansen director of the PA Department of Public Health and a staff physician at the multi-institutional Chest of Pennsylvania Health System echoed Dr. Pietsinger saying Providing hours which are conducive to training schedules optimal graduation for bringing in the front line will help the medical staff gain a greater sense of purpose and structure. Were putting everyones needs first.

The PA Department of Health and the RMR also recently announced plans to work together to speed up radiography. This led to the RMRs decision to expand its program making it available to more and more doctors despite its age and geographic location.

Having a quick powerful device that will allow us to quickly and accurately tell whether the patient is a healthy person who needs expedited care or one who should not need to utilize large doses of radiation could ultimately save lives said Dr. Pietsinger. Instead of having test patients wait for over a month to see if they are clearing the diagnostic test we can offer this option for very quickly.