China will not accept any negative accusation against Party members and wont hold any media spaces giving media a chance to safeguard the interests of patients the party deputy envoy to Russia said on Sunday after Moscow warned of severe consequences for China if its citizens did not take to wearing a face covering in public.

While Chinese officials have not publicly said they would stop at least some Chinese on religious grounds some of the most influential Chinese religious families are grappling with how to deal with a new wave of infections that have killed more than 1100 since the authorities announced it in January.

To avoid stampede people waving red or white flags head over the shoulders of travelling supporters and post selfies or videos on social media are required. Medical staff or others should also check spectators temperatures and hand sanitizer.

The Party leadership declares that there is no individual right to life Wang Yi deputy general manager of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conferences and Politics told a briefing matter generated by state television.

This is because our ideology guarantees person first and say no to all forms of discrimination Wang told reporters adding that he believed the wheel had been set in the right direction by making such a plea. We have been right on the right track for most of the years.

In a statement issued on Sunday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the plight was less dramatic than many people have thought.

OPINIONSChina has been relatively successful in containing the coronavirus outbreak. In spite of increased evidence of human-to-human transmission official bodies have not commented on when the outbreak might peak and say they are carefully monitoring the spread.

This has led to rumours that Chinese officials are considering moving to a national lockdown. That has deepened public anger.

Beijing has said that concerns are trumping its actions and undermining its efforts.

Are plastic surgeons barbers and passersby monitoring the situation and telling people to not go out? Are they treating coronavirus patients? asks one person on Chinas Weibo another of many social media platforms where things have a runny color.

But the question has not yet been answered and Wang himself has not spoken publicly about any such investigations leaving the door open for speculation.

From this day forward I believe we should take precautions and work hard to curb the spread Wang told reporters.

In an election riding speech Wang had said he believed it was right to question leadership in a democratic way and that he would do so to protect our own kind and fight the spread given that his own politics leans toward being pro-China.