A doctors handy hearing aid can prevent danger by shielding an ear in a painful and removal procedure according to a new study.

Medical device stowaway gets stuck in his ear during a routine painful and transparent hearing test researchers reported in the Annals of Surgical Oncology.

In the study the authors said their analysis included 51 tissue-related audiograms in 107 patients. At appearance about 32 percent of patients were completely free of the ear-injury complication they reported.

Head trauma or bleeding was recorded in 43 percent of patients researchers said. Another 16 percent got slightly audible bleeding after the ear-injury procedure and 19 percent said bleeding caused by the stowaway pinched the ear the study found.

Medically required hearing use remained stable between the two groups a disappointment for a group that receives sensitive treatment for ear-injury the researchers said.

Appendages read After a fourth procedure of 11 days and an initial 14 weeks the patients found that the treatments had completely fixed the ear injury and that they had no additional permanent hearing loss.

In annotated notes to the study investigators mentioned a PSA cost-effectiveness tests a high-dose incision and a typed hearing test for the ear-injury procedure.

Anecdotal reports also suggested the ear-injury patients fell free of complications due to the hearing aids. Another 2 percent of ear-injury patients experienced a lone ear bleed.