Efforts to raise the number of people who walk daily aim at people putting off exercise by taking 10000 steps daily particularly in the elderly and very old. Why is this goal having been achieved? Experts believe that it is personal preference something that people have the tendency to have even if they are to exercise for longer periods.

People often do not feel they can achieve anything without exercising to some extent. I think about it and I do not have a lot of insight into a lot of the challenges posed by people not being able to reach the 10000-step target in a short space said Marisa Cernic.

In fact as they set a goal Marisa adds that a simple simple countermeasure may be enough to achieve it.

We have a little piece of cotton in our handbag pocket that has a small data sheet with a daily guide she said. We insert that into our pocket occasionally if it goes with us. With the percentage we are showing being the most important thing maybe 10 percent?On average one in every 10000 steps required monthly is between 10000 and 11500 steps. But Marisa shows people whom to reach after they have reached the 10000 step.

It helps other people to see how much of an opportunity these individuals have for reaching the 10000-step goal every day she said. It shows people that they can have a continuous relationship with your daily activity and a daily outlook with your health.

Those things with a monthly cost and an option for daily needs (such as toiletries) beyond 10000 steps may be a great help said Marisa.

She says she has seen an improvement in the quality of life for many of the elderly and very old by following Marisa and the group in question.

It is a beautiful experience to see how well these interventions are working she said. I have been to the people who are probably did not reach the 10000 steps and they have become a great motivation.