Adults consumed five times more of a common grain than equivalent amounts of flaxseed and sunflower kernels in their total diets according to a UCL-led study published in Frontiers in Nutrition.

The findings suggest that plantains are another food source that could help to prevent Alzheimers disease (AD).

Our findings provide evidence for consumption of the three main types of flour-flour wheat and rye-in combination with a daily moderate to high intake of fruits such as melon which are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants known to prevent disease said Dr. Elena Soleyeva an expert on domestic and wild germ infections at the University of East London.

Its not clear how long the benefits of the three types of dietary fibre would last but the Food and Health Authority recommends safety and probiotics are used until the annual requirement is met by use of a fibre supplement which might include chickpeas egg and flaxseed.

Our findings suggest plantains-which have long been associated with health and longevity-could hold the key to early AD detection. Our results demonstrate that a detailed analysis of a popular consumer product which this study was focused on may be of value to decision-makers health professionals health policy makers and even first-time buyers who are deciding whether to buy biotechnology-based food.

Dr. Elena Soleyeva Expert on Domestic and Wild Germ Infection at University of East London.