Each year the Institute of Social Work Partners (ISP) details and hosts its Humanitarian Party for the United Nations (UNH) and Global Health a lower body that provides services for more than 40000 frontline health workers.

This year the ISP hopes to expand its service Humanitarian Party for UNH to new students and faculty to learn more about their role as actively contributing teachers neighbors companions etc. Last year the ISP hosted two workshops to both promote the Humanitarian Party for UNH. And last fall the ISP hosted meetings hosted by its partner Organization of Education for the UNH which is a 12-week event for more than 60000 UNH health workers.

For the new events the ISP will focus on the role that Discipline Health Education and Health Care will play in UNH. This includes teaching health students past and present about street cures disease research in Damascus and fight against malaria tuberculosis and HIV prevention. The college also will need students and faculty to further engage in core lessons about health and knowledge promotion as well as aligns with UNH curriculum.

Organizers believe the unprecedented nature of the Special Rapporteurs memo on human needs and the importance of it for the sake of the UNH where it was presented marks a breakthrough as the host of the event. They also believe the presentation has the potential to transform WHOs strategic planning processes to help accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) and will ultimately improve both health and human rights in the U. N.