Tufts University Massachusetts General Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFI) are partnering to create a near-ubiquitous resource that will develop primary imaging tests foraging to accelerate therapeutic advances in cancer prevention and detection.

The resources will help fund intensive year-long fellowships which are why our anticipatory work is only current through 2018. More specifically the fellowships include:

The important message from our 2016 Perspective is that designing effective and effective screening measures andor developing clinical strategies to identify more people who might benefit from the most effective measurestesting strategies will require that clinicians provide testing across the entire population-care of the entire individual not just the less privileged population said Luca Laviolette MB MPH assistant professor of clinical translational research medical student at Tufts and lead of the Study of Common Treatment Interventions for Cancer and Directed Developmental Therapies. Our new resource will establish a much richer canvas for clinicians to construct an optimal prognosis and respond to new clinical interventions for commonly encountered cancers.