We are all aware of the health benefits of eating small amount of optimum nutrients. Well, there is a lot of need to eat this high quality food, and a lot of evidence suggests that it helps in preventing or even reversing obesity. And with friends and family already overweight or obese, it can be difficult to eat healthfully.

One of the key reasons why people eat a lot of unhealthily heavy foods is because they are also commonly overweight. By analysing data from more than 3000 adults, it has been discovered that someone who is overweight is 89% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, while 44% more likely develop obesity. Moreover, overweight individuals are 2 times more likely to visit a doctor due to obesity.

Healthier diet choices.

It is said growing your waistline, hips and waist is very important to achieve the health desired by increasing physical and mental performance. Even though small amounts of food like whole grains, milk, fish and vegetables are rich in vitamins, below is a list of foods recommended by the World Health Organization, which should not be confused as a weight loss food. (Note: All the foods listed below are rich in vitamins C and E).