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Apathy Is Easier (HAWMC Day 10)

Today’s Prompt: Post Secret. You know the beloved PostSecret blog? Today’s prompt is to write down a secret that …really isn’t a secret.   Ok, so a secret, huh?  Or non-secret?  Hmmm….   Here’s my secret: apathy is easier.  It’s so much easier when I don’t care what the number on the meter says.  When I eat whatever […]

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And Then I Turned Around (HAWMC Day 13)

Today’s Prompt: Open a book to any page. Today is a meditation on naming blog posts. Pick up a book, magazine, newspaper – anything with written prose in it – and choose a phrase or sentence at random. That’s the title of your blog post for today. So I opened the book laying on the […]

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Acrostic (HAWMC Day 1)

So I just signed-up to participate in WEGO Health Blog Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Prompts!  Yikes!  This means I will be blogging every day for a whole month!  Double yikes! I apologize in advance if you get my blogs through email, because it means you will likely be inundated.  Sorry.  Also, I usually put links […]

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Growing Up (DSMA Blog Carnival)

The most awesome thing I have done in spite of diabetes is…   Wow.  That’s a loaded question.  How does one even begin to think about answering it?  There’s just so much!  I can’t even imagine picking one thing.  I like how Briley and Meredith made lists for their posts.   Because there’s just so much. But if I […]

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Don’t worry, this post is not about perfect blood sugars. Only people with fully functioning pancreases (pancreai?) can achieve this. But sometimes, other things seem perfect.  Things that really seem rather silly. Take, for example, my last set change.  I disconnect the pump, and pull out the Quick-set.  I go to throw the set away, […]

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