Diagnosed As Adults

Diagnosed As Adults- Type 1 and LADA
If you would like to be added to the list, please contact me.  Thanks!

I was not diagnosed as an adult.  I was 10, so I can't really remember not having diabetes.  Sometimes I like to chat with other PWDs diagnosed as children and take a walk down memory lane.  Chew the fat about the good old days.  I've also learned from some friends that being diagnosed as an adult is quite different from being diagnosed as a kid.  We all have diabetes, and we all "get it," but sometimes you want to connect with someone whose experience closely mirrors your own.

This list started as a resource for a friend, and grew into something I wanted to share!  The response has been overwhelming.  Thank you! :)


  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm not the friend you were referring to but this is helpful for me too! I was diagnosed 2 years ago with T1 and I'm now 37, so I was 35 when it happened. It's great to see a list like this. Very helpful, a good reminder I'm not alone.
    Smiles to you!

    1. thanks! let me know if you have a blog or twitter and would like to be added to the list! :)

  2. This list rules!
    My sister was diagnosed T1 when she was 7, so when I was diagnosed T1 six years ago, at 22, I thought I was a freak and one of very few "adult-onset T1s".
    Thanks for putting us together to help find one another!

  3. Hey Jess... you might find this interesting (a straw poll I gathered of 200-odd diabetics by diagnosis age) http://www.everydayupsanddowns.co.uk/2012/12/unusual-suspects-age-at-diagnosis.html

  4. My name is on this list. I wanted to say that I was 49, yes I said it 49. Lots if life without diabetes. I thought I was an odd ball, but was I wrong. Thank you Jess.

  5. Hi, Jess!! Thank you so much for providing this list. I just had a pancreatectomy at age 52 and despite having an autologous islet cell transplant, I became a surgical, type one diabetic. I have a blog:muddybrooks.wordpress.com where I concentrate on surgical diabetes because it is nice to sometimes chat with someone who has walked the same walk. Please, if you get a chance, include me on your list. There has to be more people out there that has suffered a tramatic pancreatectomy and needs support. Thanks!!