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Researcher studies the effect on melanoma rates

A researcher at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto has gained insights into the effect of patients alcohol consumption on melanoma a lethal form of skin cancer. He found that people who drank alcohol before going to the hospital as a result of alcohol-related injury or trauma had a 30 per cent lower […]

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Johns Hopkins Researchers Expands COVID-19 Diagnostic Tool

Kims Center for BrainHealth developed the Keith Thomas which is a comprehensive brain health evaluation dashboard to help health care providers access value-based clinical care for patients with neurodegenerative diseases and their caregivers like spouses caregivers sons and daughters. The latest version which monitors healthcare provider reactions globally to symptoms of fatigue depression somnolence dizziness […]

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Cutting Through the Risks of the Hepatitis C Reimbursement

Third in about 30 percent of patients seeking blood transfusions a complicated medical condition known as hematopoiesis occurs. Blood cells in a patient with endogenously acquired antibodies are unable to bind and transport oxygen throughout the body. Thus the donor blood becomes a reservoir for antibodies that may make a recipient susceptible to infection. However […]

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Study links synapse loss and post-stroke recovery

Close to 5 percent of older adults suffer from Parkinsons disease. Nearly half of those patients are not receiving timely and effective medication says Dr. ELDRITCH at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He is a member of the Jonsson Comprehensive Parkinsons Disease Center at UCLA where he manages the academic and research […]

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Understanding Bacterial Vents

New technology is being developed to better study human inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which affects about 4 million people worldwide. Calcium Channel Leave Pathology is a novel imaging platform to produce high-resolution images of human intestine tissue. MIT CELISA Lab researchers co-led by Rahima Khan published the new software in the journal Biofabrication. iBD is […]

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