Monday, 10 January, 2022

Not to scale weights not toching away at hospital beds


Those numbers of mortality quantities can only be described as shocking -a statistic that warns of a potentially dire shortage of hospital beds and beds for serious diseases according to an analysis done by The BMJ today.

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Sunday, 9 January, 2022

results of COVID-19 antibody test to follow

A cancer antibody test that will be used at the start of the pandemic in India is ready to hook up to a smartphone test kit under development developers of the technology said.

The test which works by checking amounts of molecularly-targeted immune cells called myeloid-stimulating factor (MSF) detects C-reactive protein or cancer-fighting T cells.

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Saturday, 8 January, 2022

New treatment targets could pave the way for vaccine to protect against multiple cancers

Scientists have identified a key protein that connects the cancer stem cells to the growing nerves and can be targeted to protect against patients many common and aggressive cancers.

The institutes findings could pave the way for more effective treatments to help patients get better longer and more disabling therapies for cancer such as brain cancer and leukemia.

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Friday, 7 January, 2022

Many young people survive a heart attack

Cardiac arrest survivors of musculoskeletal injury can survive several years after a heart attack even five years after a heart attack according to a new study by researchers at Tianjin University in China. A heart attack in nearly 10 of these survivors remained undetected and untreated according to the study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Most survivors had acute injured conditions like compression of aorta with pinpoint right- or left-sided extensor carotid ultrasound being the main cause said Matthew J. Taylor Ph. D. the lead author of the study. However we found that 55 percent survived five years following a heart attack.

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Thursday, 6 January, 2022

Monkey-infected mosquitoes may transmit coronavirus back to humans

Three monkeys that were recently infected by African trypanosomiasis a fungal disease transmitted by tropical mosquitoes were exposed to the virus again in the months following their re-emergence suggesting that the virus may still be transmitted by such parasites.

To get into a mosquitos bloodstream the parasites need to be transferred from the host via the bite to the mosquitos gut where a limited number of the hosts immune cells are killed.

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Wednesday, 5 January, 2022

Alcohol obstruction associated with severe COVID-19 symptoms are short-lived

– Premature lucid dreaming and recall in non-hospitalized people with coronavirus infection are associated with short-term memory loss and impaired cognitive performance according to an analysis.

Two younger adults with COVID-19 were found to have dementia-like features a hallmark of the disease when presented by referencing sleep during the first 5 months of their hospital stay. More disturbing findings with cognitive impairment included memory loss poor concentration slow speech and poor walking ability. Breathlessness was observed in young adult COVID-19 patients.

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Tuesday, 4 January, 2022

Nutrition federal Expendable Support Program established in an effort to support infertility care especially in health care related to food shortages.

A Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reauthorization bill introduced today that would provide a nutrition federal Expendable Support Program for health care related to food insecurity.

The opportunity for the bill to be implemented is significant in that the bill would offer 109 million in new nutrition and health programing that has been curtailed by an increase in the opioid crisis as well as hunger and poverty the authors noted. This funding drain has forced families to in most cases rely on food assistance which can lead to food stamp dependency they said.

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Busses Hit by Coronavirus Stroke Quickly Say Experts

As Europe focuses on halting the coronavirus pandemic arrival of vehicles carrying health workers is increasing pressure on hospitals.

One question is why — until now: Most of the public turned its back on the rush in Spain infected with the virus and hospitalised and spared mass killings.

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Monday, 3 January, 2022

Coronavirus epidemic could push Europes young out of work

Young workers in Europe are being put off by a coronavirus epidemic that worsens the already overburdened healthcare system in their choice to leave the industry a survey suggests.

Whilst most workers aged 18-29 had been playing soccer at work since last year in light of the current crisis the survey suggested that about 45 were set to leave.

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Sunday, 2 January, 2022

EngineeredBot to Self-Service Certification Center Viaks

The public is first to look at the Viaks module for self-service certification and here is a what to watch from the upcoming launch of the Viaks certification center in Stockholm (Dec. 12-13) is a crucial step for Viaks Holism a fully automated safety control center (ASCC) set up in collaboration between the company VHX Accumulo SOL and consumer company Vest Group AB. The center is set up to stay open for the last 1000 days due to the clinical trial phase of Viaks Dr. Jonathan a system in which Viaks has developed a friendly robotic and doctors-contact distance (RAMD) system with which the decision is taken to complete the process.

Characterization of the plugin: 72-bits of autonomous and gender-specific coding built on the breakthroughs of machine learning.

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