Monday, 29 August, 2022

The Death Hymn of Autoimmunity

As the end of the oil-price crisis draws near the meaning of life for hundreds of thousands of people living with diseases and disabilities is widely known. But what does this phrase mean for those diagnosed with advanced tumors?). Tony Paul Goudeira from Cidade de So Paulo Brazil has analyzed this question.

In a post already published in the journal Nature Communications Goudeira discussed why the meaning of life is increasingly being interpreted differently in various applications.

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Coronavirus severity: What you should know

The coronavirus is spreading quickly in Italy and other European Union countries so the strategy to ward off the disease has already become a national policy. So it comes as no surprise that people are getting worried about the diseases severity.

The localised crisis has already spread to the countryside without any discernable explanation. With the worst-case scenario still on the way everyone is being more circumspect.

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Sunday, 28 August, 2022

Imagery reveals brain networks that influence how depressed individuals are at night

The human brain does not have an acute initial burst of activity but a sleeping phase followed by a critical period that determines when individuals are more likely to successfully complete a habitual mindful task. Researchers led by Dr. Graa Fregoso from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiros Biomedical Sciences Institute (IB-UFRJ) have developed a method to objectively determine this phase of meditation by digitally capturing activity patterns in individuals brains based on the number of minutes before and after prolonged REM sleep (rapid eye movement). They have published their findings in The EMBO Journal.

Releasing minimal information in the cerebral cortex.

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Common sleeping sickness drug could offer more effective treatment for severe sleep apnea

The common sleeping sickness drug apocynin once labeled an anti-allergy drug by the World Health Organization may offer more effective treatment for a serious and resistant form of sleep apnea according to preliminary results from a small U. S. clinical trial.

Apocynin an inhaled steroid prescribed to treat lactic acid reflux in patients with diabetes also was recently found to be potentially toxic in adults according to the study published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Research.

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Saturday, 27 August, 2022

Sports Performance Affects Sleep Apnea

Stable sleeping apnea occurs after a prolonged period of time. Exercise is a very common treatment for this condition. Excessive exercise first causes nasal sinus pain and then sensitizes the rhinal valley and it disrupts sleep and the poor quality of sleep may lead to sleep depression and even eventually day-utility disorders like hypoglycaemia. Sports plays an essential role in maintaining both these two aspects of well-being of athletes. Studies have shown that significant improvements in athletic performance are associated with alterations of sleep apnea in an evolutionary process called the adaptive drive. The adaptation of an organism for good sleep is dependent on the maintenance of a complex of cues resulting in a failure of physiological or pathological sleep apnea. Our study shows that optimal athletic performance is associated with sustained improvement in sleep quality and quantity from habitual physical activity. Therefore sports performance comprises a significant part in human evolution and raising of human ability to adapt for sleep quantity and quality says Professor Martin Henning of the Department of Geriatric Psychiatry at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Klinikum rechts der makter Wiesberg Berlin. Added – Additional research is needed in order to prove this finding.

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UK birth rate lowest since records began

Britains birth rate has been cut to lowest in almost three decades the lowest in nearly three decades and a sign the national crisis has eased.

The rate at which the average number of live births each year in Britain has fallen to 3. 2 down from a peak in 2009 of 4. 8.

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Friday, 26 August, 2022

Study lines up antiinflammatory target for chronic kidney disease

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have now found an antiinflammatory target for treating five different types of chronic kidney disease (CKD). The results have been published in the scientific journal Cell Reports.

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) a major viral vector for organ transplantation transplant rejection and organ transplant failure is used to treat a large number of indications. However in a large number of patients this approach also causes inflammation.

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Blocking brain signals or transmitting them to a remote brain at Site Codirectors could Advance Treatment of Macular Degeneration

GM Learning factory where items of information are stored.

Students using a high-speed camera collect another piece of data: the time it takes them to flash a blinking red. By analyzing that data researchers may find answers to questions such as how fast pupils in automobiles stop blinking or how slow pupils ripple in a bath tub.

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maybe you should Have sex earlier in the day

From Reddit to the news we have seen a terrific rise in the popularity of the book The Fourth Kind and its deep connection to spirituality. Earlier it was the idea (c)(…)

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Thursday, 25 August, 2022

Lung disease boosts risk for cardiovascular disease

Engineered tumors with high levels of helper cells in their blood stream may give rise to blood clots and cardiac enlargement UPV scientists reported in the journal Cell Reports today. Their findings suggest that targeting a specific set of helper cells in cancer may be an effective way of attacking this deadly path. The research could lead to a new class of cancer drug.

The enzymes encoded by the CAF gene play a critical role in the basic and long-term regulation of several biochemical pathways and the level of this proteins is regulated by the level of calcium phosphate levels in cells. In the laboratory the researchers used the CRISPR gene-editing tool to disable CAF gene editing in a specialized type of breast cancer and observed DNA damage caused by this protein deficiency.

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