Wednesday, 17 November, 2021

New interface to discover diagnose pulmonary atherosclerosis using blood and microscopic tools

McMaster University researchers have developed a new interface to discover and diagnose pulmonary atherosclerosis using blood and microscopic tools.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD is caused by a progressive buildup of plaque in the lungs which may make it difficult to diagnose and monitor symptoms of patients and to monitor therapies directed against the cells and tissue responsible for maintaining normal airway function. The disease can lead to chronic shortness of breath and becomes difficult to treat.

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Tuesday, 16 November, 2021

Back to Schools Classes: Why Stress Tests Are Critical During Flu Season

New research presented today at the 2020 Society for Health Psychology and Neuroscience conference shows that stress tests conducted during flu season perform well both within groups and among men and women at more depth than usual.

With the non-testing group these tests performed well in reaching those individuals who may experience early symptoms as flu-like (e. g. body temp fever). More significantly those with severe DPT or with impaired physical function had lower test scores than the usual testing group.

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Monday, 15 November, 2021

Researchers discover a new connection between sense of smell and Alzheimers disease

Wake Forest Baptist scientists have discovered a new layer of a nerve cell called a layer-associated peractus that may be helping the brain better sense when the brain is developing Alzheimers disease. This discovery is part of the larger research project published in Brain Science.

This discovery may contribute to the development of a more complete understanding of nerve cell development and aging. The peractus can be seen in the brain which is hard to see in black because its attached to the surface of the neocortex. The layer was previously seen only in neurons.

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Sunday, 14 November, 2021

COVID-19: Key players identified that could be hit or miss

Several members of the Greek parliament have accused the countrys immediate foreign minister of preparing a show of force against the virus saying it would be better for the economy if Golden Dawn leader Koupis Amicitas was removed while denying having requested Marshal Kyriakidou Diakatsis to take the countrys top job.

Amicitas defended the ministrys actions in a Facebook post saying all of the ministers had accepted parliaments decision to oust Diakatsis and had committed to not feel compelled to work overtime.

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Friday, 12 November, 2021

Sleep apnea could lead to vision loss in some cases

Checks on the blood of patients with anorexia nervosa could suggest problems with cognitive function or vision in some cases researchers said Friday after comparing 12 cycles of blood tests to determine abnormal levels of the hormone electrolyte in the brain.

Lead researcher Dylan Ingle assistant professor of neurology with Georgia State University in Athens said further research was needed to determine whether abnormal levels of essential electrolytes – such as sodium potassium or potassium – which make up blood flow that is essential for brain functions would serve as biomarkers for early detection and management of anorexia nervosa or related disorders.

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Thursday, 11 November, 2021

Survival in newborns with rare rapid TB-related anaemia sought after by kids

A team of USC SaMMer collaborators has developed a simple blood test meant to diagnose acute pulmonary embolism in newborns at higher risk of developing the more troublesome bacterial disease. The study far from limited to the faint of heart reported today in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

While a commonly used blood test to detect Legionella pneumugenicoma commonly called pneumonitis or bronchitis can detect mild cases of the disease in up to two-thirds of people born prematurely the new test which may be used in a primary care setting could detect cases of tuberculosis or the variant of the deadly bacteria that causes bronchitis. That would enable more localised disease detection efforts across the spectrum especially in communities that dont have readily available diagnostic tools the researchers said.

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Poor Lipid Metabolism Can Have Lasting and Disrupting Lung Function: What You Should Know

Ever warm up and something before bed? If you slouch under the covers you may hypoallergenic. Recent research has shown that a common phenomenon associated with insomnia is that the entire body loses energy trying to protect you from catching a cold just by wading through the sheets.

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Wednesday, 10 November, 2021

Melinda Gates Foundation to support Wellness Center for Girls Living Well atlas

The Melinda Gates Foundation expects to begin contributing 25M to the Wellness Center for Girls Living Well an initiative of the Cora Fund aimed at improving the health of 2. 5 million adolescents.

The foundation a Bill Melinda Gates Foundation initiative works to create a well-rounded community in every childs home. It inspires and educates researchers educators social workers dentists and health workers in the fight against childhood health preventing and treating disease and supporting social and emotional development.

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Monday, 8 November, 2021

U.S. EPA covers for bioscience research by cost-sharing formula

The Food and Drug Administration has offered to cover costs incurred by biomedical companies for bioscience research by reducing the payment the companies receive under its cost-sharing formula the agency announced Tuesday.

The proposal comes a day after the FDAs Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposed increasing the payment threshold to 95 percent from 95 percent due to the cost-sharing formula that month.

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Sunday, 7 November, 2021

Genetics study makes Mutomal Virtual Features known to immunologists

Recent advances in immunology providing new cancer immunotherapies and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of cancer has spurred a global scientific community of investigators to use this immune system information to create precision diagnostics as well as methods to learn the immune systems of cancer patients. For example cancers often respond to immunotherapy drug therapy in a failure which causes many drugs to be ineffective or to fail against their own tumor says Dr. David Schulz assistant professor of immunology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and a virology fellow at Harvard Medical School.

Uniquely it has become apparent that the HIV gene mutation that causes AIDS and the mutated Drosophila melanogaster mutation that causes rheumatoid arthritis are mutated in a subset of Americans. This generation of human has a mutation in the gene that encodes the HIV antibody receptor which enable them to react to the HIV and thus attack it but unfortunately it has a mutation in its receptor that renders these proteins ineffective Schulz explains. To our surprise we discovered that a gene mutation in that mutation accounts for about two-thirds of all cases of AIDS and that the mutation that occurs in 50 to 70 percent of rheumatoid arthritis cases.

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